About Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is abundant with entertainment and culture.
The Chiang Mai Night Bazaar
Shopping and entertainment

Chiang Mai's 'Night Bazaar' offers an amazing shopping experience and caters to everyones individual shopping needs. The chaotic market stalls have everything from hill-tribe handicrafts to photo realistic peices of art.

Temples and culture

Chiang Mai has many beautiful temples to visit. This photograph was taken at 'Wat Phra Singh', a temple found within the city centre.

Wildlife and entertainment

Chiang Mai has various means of interacting with local wildlife. Many choose to visit the elephant camps, where you can watch, feed and ride them.

There are also snake farms, monkey sanctuaries and even a tiger kingdom!

Thai and Lanna Food
Food and entertainment

While staying in Chiang Mai you will have the opportunity to eat at a multitude of restaurants serving delicious Thai and Lanna (Northern Thailand) food.

You might also be tempted to take part in one of the many cooking courses which take you to a farm and show you how to pick, prepare and cook the very best Thai dishes.

Doi Suthep
Travel and entertainment

Doi Suthep is one of the surrounding mountains and is host to many exciting activities.

At the peak of the mountain is the Wat Prathat temple (as shown in the image above) for which is accessed by a 309 stair climb!

The temple offers amazing views of Chiang Mai and the surrounding mountains.

There are also waterfalls, trekking trails, an amazing road, a small village and even a zoo!

Night Life

Chiang Mai has lively night life ranging from pubs and cocktail bars to gorgeous restaurant lounges and even markets for the non-stop shopper!

Many bars offer live music catering for all musical preferences, be it pop, rock, reggae or metal.


Sit back and enjoy some videos that we think represent Chiang Mai well!

Chiang Mai Always Amazes You - By Amazing Thailand

This is a beautiful video that depicts the cultural beauty our amazing city has to offer.


A beautifully shot time-lapse video of various Chiang Mai attractions, events and activities.

Loi Krathong

Loi Krathong is a festival celebrated every year, fireworks, lanterns and hand-made rafts (krathongs) are let off and set asail on and around the riverside.

The Night Bazaar

Chiang Mai's incredible nocturnal market, selling everything from photo realistic drawings to headphones. The night bazaar has something for everyone.

Song Kran

The song Kran water festival is probably one of the most entertaining and chaotic festivals in the world. It's three days of immense water throwing, accompanied by on stage entertainment and general good old-fashioned fun!

Expect to be wet for three days! Nobody is safe from the water!

Chiang Mai AERIAL

A beautiful compilation of aerial footage taken from around Chiang Mai.