The benefits of training with Green TEFL Chiang Mai


Chiang Mai is ideal for the itinerant student or the long-term resident. You are guaranteed to meet great people, experience authentic Northern Thai/Lanna food and culture, and have endless opportunities for visiting the inexhaustible sights and activities in the area.

For more information about Chiang Mai, visit our 'about Chiang Mai page'.

The Green TEFL Curriculum

Our curriculum has been developed by experienced teachers and dedicated, career trainers. Additionally, every teaching point has been considered for its practical application to the real world of teaching. Because we work in conjunction with a successful language school (NAVA School of English) we know what you need to be effective both in the classroom and in the job market.

Trainers and Staff

Our trainers have many years of experience behind them and supplement the curriculum with their own personal strengths in the classroom and in the job market.
Both our trainers and support staff are always willing to answer your questions outside of class - whether you need more information about a teaching strategy or advice on the best Khao Soi (local rice-noodle soup) in Chiang Mai.


The Green TEFL course syllabus incorporates handouts and reference resources for your immediate study and future career. These are diligently prepared by our trainers and greatly appreciated by our trainees as they transition to the teaching world and put this materials to use in lesson planning and classroom techniques.

Facilities and Resources

The Green TEFL course exists alongside NAVA School of English and thus has full access to all of the school's facilities and resources. Our facilities are fully climate-controlled and include several classrooms for adults as well as young learners. The lesson-preperation resources of NAVA are available to Green TEFL students for use in their own observed teaching practice and include networked PC's, copy machines, laminating equipment, general office supplies and ample multimedia equipment such as projectors and audio electronics.

Teaching Practice

The core of any effective TEFL course is teaching practice and Green TEFL sets itself apart from the rest with an unprecedented 10 hours of in-class experience with a diverse range of student ages and backgrounds as well as 10 hours of observed practice. The majority of these hours are in real Thai schools where the practical experience reflects the reality of the South East Asian teaching market. While other schools often only provide practice in the private language school environment (where few jobs are available), our cooperation with local Thai schools offers a variety of teaching environments.

Teaching Observation

Along with practical teaching experience, observation of both experienced teachers (some who have been with NAVA since its inception over eleven years ago) and peers is a critical element of the TEFL learning experience. Often, mistakes are better recognized by our trainees during observation of others and both the teacher-trainee and observer benefits greatly from this experience. Observation also provides the discussion material for our in-depth post-practice seminars where we analyze our teacher-trainees strengths and weaknesses to prepare them for their next teaching practice.

English Camp

Our partnership with NAVA has also afforded us the opportunity to place teachers in English Camps for elements of their teaching practice - a common employment opportunity in the South East Asian job market. This is one of many different environments that our teacher-trainees will experience during their time at Green TEFL and is another reason that our preperation of aspiring teachers is superior.

Thailand Cultural Awareness Training

This element of Green TEFL is not only enlightening for the new teacher but also required by the Thai government for any job in a government school. By incorporating this experience into our curriculum (with government sanction), we eliminate one more hurdle than many teachers must cross when seeking employment in Thailand.

Practical employment Prospects

The Green TEFL Course prides itself on preparing trainees both for teaching in the classroom and for navigating the TEFL job market. Employment advice is part of the curriculum and our trainers are also willing to answer any questions our trainees have. Furthermore, our certificate carries the Green TEFL name and is backed by the widely-recognized NAVA School of English - a company with multiple branches in Thailand and innumerable contracts to government and private schools. We also provide personalized recommendations and evaluations for use in your job search upon completion of the course. Finally, while we can't make the misleading "employmeny guarantees" of other TEFL programs, you can be certain that NAVA is always looking for new teachers from within the Green TEFL Course.


The Green TEFL Course Certificate is licensed and accredited by the Thai Ministry of Education.

(Optional) One Day "Field Trip"

For those interested, our long tenure in Chiang Mai means that we know the city and culture inside and out. We'll show you some of the essential elements and little-known secrets of Chiang Mai and Northern Lanna culture.

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