How to write the scientific article

You have a scientific idea and decided to share it. But you don’t know how to define the purpose, to set the task how to begin and finish the scientific article.

You need an algorithm of certain actions. All scientific works anyway have the plan and structure.

To begin to work with article, to you first of all, it is necessary to check uniqueness of the idea. The sense of scientific work directly depends on her originality. If the idea of your work is similar to the book, the academic year project, a thesis, it less interest will be shown by the reader. The science is a search new.

To make the plan of the scientific article – the second necessary component of work. The scientific article includes: introduction, review of literature, main part, conclusion. Dimensions: 2-3 paragraphs right at the beginning this introduction, 2 paragraphs are the review of the literature, the main part includes the theory and practice, introduction volume – 3 paragraphs. A conclusion and introduction have to correspond each other. Acquaintance with literature will help to collect necessary material for article, to formulate theoretical knowledge. At the end of work the list of references is the proof and confirmation of factuality, depth and objectivity of a research. It is important to work with modern sources as it indicates relevance and novelty to your work. To write and issue article, you need to adhere to scientific style. The main thing – logicality, objectivity, statement of the text on the principle “pyramid”: problem, decision, conclusions. Not categoriality of the text is important, the author expresses opinion, but it can differ from a thought of others.

Also the argument is important. For this purpose it is necessary to formulate correctly a thesis which will be clear, to find the facts which will prove a thesis. The argument has to be true and not contradict others. Leaning on authoritative sources, giving examples, you will be able to convince the reader of correctness of judgments.

It is important to check correctness written if you aren’t confident, how you have written a word, terms, check in reference books.