Education Visa

GreenTEFL offers a 1 year Education Visa to all of our students. Before applying for this visa please ensure that it is the best option for your needs.

The 1 Year Education visa costs 5,000 baht. This covers the fee that city hall charges to process the visa’s paper work.
The visa application will not be started until full payment of the course and visa fees are received.
If you are in Thailand already you will need to leave the country to obtain your Education Visa. The nearest embassy where this can be done is in Laos. You can not change a tourist visa or extend another visa.
If you are currently in another country, after obtaining the paperwork you can apply for the visa at your nearest Thai embassy.
The application process can take up to 10 working days. Please allow time for this.
The 1 year Education Visa requires several check-ins through-out the year at immigration. Students who do not attend the course will not have their visa extended past 3 months.
In order to obtain a 1 year education students must attend a pre-specified Thai embassy on a pre-specified day. Time should be allowed for greenTEFL and yourself to ensure that this can happen. If you miss your appointed day a new application will have to be processed.