Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below you will find answers to our most popular questions regarding various aspects of our course, school and Chiang Mai in general.


Am I required to have a degree to enroll at Green TEFL?

No, a degree is not a prerequisite for the Green TEFL Course.

Is Green TEFL accredited?

The Green TEFL Course is licensed and accredited by the Thai Ministry of Education.

Why should I choose Green TEFL?

Our many years teaching English as a second language has made it clear that the most important component of language education is a well-qualified teacher. Because Green TEFL is operated by an actual English language school, our trainees get access to extensive resources and practical experience in the real teaching environments that they will face in the TEFL employment market. The Green TEFL Course is designed around our 11 years of experience and will prepare you with the teaching skills and employment advice that you need to find a TEFL position anywhere in the world.

The Green TEFL Course is different from other TEFL programs because our trainees learn to teach in real Thai schools. Within your first days of TEFL training, you will be teaching in one of the schools that contract NAVA for teachers and it's this early, authentic experience that instills the relevance of all of the training you will receive. While other courses may overload trainees with theoretical instruction before the trainees ever see the inside of a classroom, Green TEFL grounds all of its instruction in practical teaching and guides your learning through continous contact with real Thai students. Green TEFL is distinguished by this ability to provide trainees with experience in real Thai schools. While other TEFL programs may provide teaching experience in the private language school environment, these trainees are often ill-prepared to operate in a real work environment. In the TEFL job market, virtually all jobs are found in larger government and private schools where the teaching experience is entirely different. Many graduates of other TEFL programs are shocked to find that their 'practical teaching experience' is of little relevance to the positions they are offered.

Does Green TEFL offer help with finding jobs?

Green TEFL offer practical job-search advice as part of our curriculum and our experienced trainers are equally happy to advise trainees outside of class from their personal career experience. Additionally, the NAVA School of English is always looking for new teachers and while we don't make the misleading employment 'guarantees' of other TEFL courses, we are always seeking new teachers from our own Green TEFL Course.

Do I need to learn to speak Thai?

No, our course instructors are native English speakers and conduct all of the training in English.

How many people attend the course?

The Green TEFL course has been designed for 10-16 trainees.

Will I teach real students on the Green TEFL Course?

Yes, during the Course you will have extensive contact with various schools operating English programs through the NAVA School of English. We offer classroom experience in real Thai schools for authentic teaching practice.

Do I need a TEFL qualification to be able to teach?

Yes, in most circumstances a TEFL or equivelant certification is a requirement for obtaining a teaching position in a school or language center.