I want to note at once that there are few rules that can’t be violated exactly, and the essay itself is still a genre; there is where to disperse. How to write a good text at all? There are simple tricks and advice.

  1. Read a lot. Magazines, newspapers and books. Nothing forms a sense of language as quickly as reading. Reading helps to expand vocabulary, teaches you to work with syntax and argue the position. Pay attention to the good old epistolary genre.
  2. Know your audience and communicate with it in its language.
  3. Learn to work with the composition. At school, we were taught that there must be several thoughts in the body, which in turn confirm or challenge the thought that is key to the text. Before writing an essay, think about what this body will be like.
  4. Study the topic about which you write, as best you can. By studying, I mean two things at once: gathering information and analyzing it. Think about what kind of idea you are going to broadcast through an essay.
  5. Be able to dilute the text “jokes”, but don’t depart from the topic. Remember that your “jokes” should be understandable to the readers.

Avoid clichés. Texts filled with phrases that themselves ask for language aren’t interesting. To be aware of it, to enjoy the dishes, the forest of hands rose, pleased as an elephant. For example: “Don’t be a woman who sits and waits for her prince on a white horse” – the phrase is unsuccessful, because after the word “prince” the reader knows without you how the sentence ends. “Don’t be a woman who cocks at the window waiting for the equestrian division of princes and other titled persons” – still not ideal, because it is invented here and now, but it is already better. The reader understands what you mean, and sees, so to speak, irony.

Know how to ask the right questions. This generally applies to any text. In the case of an experienced essayist, this habit is included as soon as he opens the laptop. Don’t leave the reader in perplexity. Don’t skip the ligaments. If something is concrete to you, it does not mean that it is understandable to the reader. Reread the draft and ask the text questions that would be natural for the reader.

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According to paragraph 1. Write a lot. Write about what you are interested in. Treat the essay as a way to organize the information you own. Good luck!